What is Cone Beam imaging? A conversation with Dr. Dale Miles, DDS

by Editorial Staff

Cone beam technology is a modality that allows the dentist to get much more information for making clinical decisions, according to Dr. Dale Miles, oral maxillofacial surgeon in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  It allows dentists to get multiple images of the patient and slices of the patient in three anatomic planes, he adds.

In the past, Dr. Miles says we’ve only been able to see patients from the side and with cone beam technology, we can look around, just like a radiologist looking at a CT.  “We get more detailed data for clinical decision-making for the dentist,” he says.  

The radiation dose depends on the size of the machine and Dr. Miles notes that the dose is a little higher than traditional radiographs but not higher than having two panoramics.  He says that if you have a cone beam exam, you’ll usually only need one, possibly two, in your lifetime.

For more information on Dr. Dale Miles, you can go to his digital imagining and cone beam imaging website at www.learndigital.net.  Dr. Dale Miles is a featured commentator with Cone Beam TV.