Ron Shelley, DDS discusses the application of Cone Beam technology in his dental practice

by Editorial Staff

Dr. Ronald Shelley, of Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry in Glendale, Arizona, has been using cone beam technology in his practice for about six years now.

Dr. Shelley's primary use is with dental implants, where he can see how much bone is available and he can use bone beam to create the surgical guides in order to very precisely and accurately place the implants.  This is all done through software, which has made placing implants extremely easy, he says.

The biggest benefit, Dr. Shelley says, is the greater service he can provide his patients by being more accurate and precise.  Whether it's 3-D or slices that he can see in the images, if he can see the situation, he can better understand the situation.  "Cone beam imaging has made us much better at diagnosing and if we can diagnose better, we can treat better," says Dr. Shelley.

The equipment is extremely easy to use, notes Dr. Shelley and it's assistant-driven, being that all of his assistants have been trained to use the equipment.  All of the data sets are read by radiologists, like Dr. Dale Miles, who will upload the data set to a secure server.  He will then examine the data set and then send Dr. Shelley a written report back electronically.

Cone beam lasers are one of the more expensive items a dentist can purchase, so it's important for a dentist to consider the amount and kind of business they are doing.  For oral sleep appliances, one of the applications in which Dr. Shelley uses cone beam lasers, it is an item billable to medical insurance, which expands the opportunity to use the machine.

Another option is for a dental group to get together and share the technology.  Ultimately, a dentist needs to look at their own practice to see if cone beam technology fits in.  For Dr. Shelley, he "can't imagine practicing dentistry without it."

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