Cone Beam Applications for Clinicians, a conversation with Dr. Dale Miles

by Editorial Staff

There are numerous cone beam applications for clinicians, according to Dr. Dale Miles, radiologist in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  

Endodontists, are looking at canal morphology and root structure. Some, like periodontists, are using Cone Beam imaging for implant site assessment. In addition to these uses, general dentists are also assessing changes in temporomandibular joint condyles, and possible problems with third molar extractions. Dr. Miles believes that cone beam technology will become the standard of care for wisdom teeth extraction and it may eventually become consumer-driven.

For dentists treating obstructive sleep apnea, they can look at the airway and take measurements in 2-D and 3-D with color renderings to see if the tissues have moved forward.

Cone beam technology can detect odontogenic tumors prior to sending patients off to a surgeon.  Orthodontists will be doing 3-D cephalometric analysis with cone beam imaging.

Dr. Miles says the beauty of cone beam imaging is that it's digital, which dentists have been struggling to use for a number of years.  He adds that cone beam has many more applications that dentists do in their offices, so it's a much more robust imaging modality and it "allows all of these clinicians to make better clinical decisions, more accurate measurements and treat their patients better."

For more information on Dr. Dale Miles, you can go to his digital imagining and cone beam imaging website at  Dr. Dale Miles is a featured commentator with Interactive Imaging TV.