Tru-Align Device, Featuring Dr. Dale Miles, Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist

by Editorial Staff

Dr. Dale Miles, oral and maxillofacial radiologist in Fountain Hills, Arizona, says it's always appropriate for patients to be concerned about an x-ray dose.  While dental radiation doses are much smaller, there is technology out there that can help.

Rectangular collimation has been taught for about 40 years in dental schools but no one uses it today, according to Dr. Miles.  He says there is now a push to get rectangular collimation back on board and one of the products that's been discovered is called Tru-Align.  Tru-Align, Dr. Miles says, is a very high-tech, simple, laser-guided collimation which allows the dental hygienist to use it simply and effectively.  

Tru-Align is an actual retrofit-table collar that fits to an existing x-ray machine.  Dr. Miles says it narrows the x-ray beam down from a large round beam to one rectangular in size and the image is marginally larger than the receptor.  It is attached to a film holding device, locked in by magnets and has a light display to show if it's engaged.  Once it's in the patient's mouth, says Dr. Miles, they actually can't separate from it.

There are brief exposure times associated with the Tru-Align device and it is simple to use and can be used with any dental x-ray machine at a low-cost, says Dr. Miles.

Dr. Dale Miles is an oral and maxillofacial radiologist in Fountain Hills, Arizona and is featured on Interactive Imaging TV.  Click here,, for more information on Dr. Miles.