Dental Imaging Manufacturers, Featuring Dr. Dale Miles, Oral & Maxillofacial Radiologist in Fountain Hills, Arizona

by Editorial Staff

There are about 15-18 dental supply manufacturers in North America, one of the biggest being Henry Schein, who has a series of different products available, according to Dr. Dale Miles, oral & maxillofacial radiologist in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  

Henry Schein has the very popular i-CAT machine, the Gendex 500 from the Gendex corporation and they now have a new distribution agreement with Planmeca, who makes a high-tech, multifunctional cone beam machine that also does traditional panoramic views.  "They have a lot of products worth looking at," says Dr. Miles.

Dr. Miles adds that there are other distributors out there that have other products and dentists would have to go through their "due diligence" to check those products out to see how they would work in their own office.  As dentists all practice differently, they all need to "do their homework and find out what's the best fit for their practice," says Dr. Miles.

Dr. Dale Miles is an oral and maxillofacial radiologist in Fountain Hills, Arizona and is featured on Interactive Imaging TV.  Click here,  for more information on Dr. Miles.