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This Internet network is for both the public and dental clinicians to provide them information about cone beam imaging, its applications and uses, the benefits to dentists and dental specialists and most importantly the benefits to patients.

CBCT technology as an effective, low dose imaging modality which provides the dental practitioner with information previously unachievable. Reconstructed images in 2-D grayscale and 3-D color allow clinicians to visualize both anatomy and pathology seen in their patients to help the dentist make better clinical decisions and avoid complications for the patients.

Unlike conventional medical CT scanning, CBCT machines use by the profession provide highly accurate information at x-ray doses which are 10 to 20 times less. This means that, after careful examination of the patient to determine the need for the cone beam imaging data, the dentist or dental specialist can order or perform x-ray imaging on the patients knowing that the patient is getting the lowest exposure possible for the diagnostic task.


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